Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello!  Oh dear, the year slipped away so quickly and 2014 is upon us already.  I apologise.

So many wonderful things happened in 2013 both privately and business wise.  I got engaged, went on holiday for the first time in many, many years, did the Country Living Christmas fair, appeared in the Yorkshire Post Magazine and had a very busy run up to Christmas with orders.

It has also been a tough year for me health wise.  After my holiday in July I became poorly with pleurisy.  I've had it before but this time seemed so much went on for months and it was just as I needed to be working on stock for the various Christmas events. Just as I thought things were improving things started to go wrong again and a complication with my heart started.  It took until December for things to be OK again.  I'm not sure how all the work got done but it somehow did with the help of my Mum doing lots of the preparation which left me just to do the machine embroidery.  It has taught me that being self employed is incredibly difficult at these sort of times and maybe a backup plan might be handy.

So, onto a healthy and positive 2014!  This year I get married, I move home and the business will continue to grow but with a lot more organisation.  It is a year of much change for me which I know will be hard but it will be an incredible journey and I can't wait to start.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Guest Post from Sylvain Bunny Rabbit

Hello, Sylvain Bunny here!  First of all, thank you to Caroline for typing this for me.....she is much quicker than I am and it means I can munch on a carrot or two.

I have had a lovely time in a rather chilly Yorkshire.  I had to snuggle in my crocheted blanket on a few occasions and I've had the luxury of a roaring fire every evening.

Caroline and I went to Bettys, a well known Yorkshire tea room and I was reluctant to MaNy CaKeS....Mmmmmm cake. 

The cake was cherry and vanilla sponge......utterly delicious, the coffee was Caroline's and of course the cake was mine.  She did say we could share but, well, you know, it was so yummy I ate it all.  Oooops.

I had to take a peek in the window and look what I found.....Fat Rascals!!  Caroline says I'm looking a little like a Fat Rascal after all the cake I ate.

After our exciting day in Northallerton it was back to the office to help out with the sewing.....

It is time to say good bye to my host sadly....I'd really like to live with Caroline...and the Hairy One.

Thank you Caroline for having me to stay!



Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Little House Guest

A few weeks ago I posted about having a house guest who would be travelling from America, well he turned up last week!

Here he is......a Moulin Roty Sylvain Bunny arriving from America.  I have to say he was a little weary and he went straight to bed to recover from his jet lag.   Perhaps I should fill you in about a few things?  Ok, here goes.
The very lovely Charlotte from Cottontails Baby wanted this little bunny to go off travelling and report back on where he went.  You can read more about this here.  He was keen to have some exciting adventures across the world!  Not sure this little part of North Yorkshire will live up to being in America but we'll try and have some Yorkshire type fun!
So we started our little journey together in the garden after his snooze......
Sylvain himself will be reporting back on our adventures later in the week, he is writing his blog post as we speak for me to type up.......I think I may offer him a job.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cushions and Postage

We love undertaking commissions and when a customer contacted us about the Mother's Day hanger, which she'd bought for her Mum but reluctantly gave it away, asking if it was possible to make a larger version.  We, of course said yes and here are the results.

Sadly cushions, although we love making them, are tricky to post (First Class was £4.30!!).  We thinking that we'll still make them but probably for fairs. 

We'll be thinking about the postage costs on our products in the next few days.  I always think if free or reasonable postage is offered it is more attractive.......I know it makes us buy something online if this is the case.  We, however, a little business though and we have to make a decision that will keep everyone happy.

By the way, there is free postage on our website until the end of March!

Caroline x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Guest for Easter

We're expecting a guest for Easter........he is travelling all the way from America! 

Sylvain Rabbit waiting and watching for the Postman to arrive.  He is there everyday........perhaps I should mention it takes awhile to hop from America?

More on our guest in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wishing for Spring

Winter has taken North Yorkshire into its wintry grip yet again.  The days are cold and wet.  Even the Daffodils are refusing to flower until the sun come to warm the earth.  I hate this time of year when it is neither one thing or another.  I long for the scent of Spring, a time of renewal and hope.

I've taken to snuggling down by the fire with my crochet hook and merrily crocheting away creating my own Spring.

I have got back into wanting something to do in the evenings and want to make a smallish blanket for cold days in the office.  I saw solid granny squares on a few blogs which were renamed "Elmer Squares".  I love the idea of creating something around such a jolly character.  I had some wool in my stash and started making the squares and then changed my mind about colours....
Inspired by my pillow cases which are Cath Kidston, the colours feel more summery and cheerful than the original icy colours of the grey and green.
I think I may hibernate with my crochet until Spring arrives....I'm hoping we might in for a warm, long Summer with all the awful weather we've had!
Caroline x

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